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Representative of the all-American home popularized during the first two decades of the 20th century, the design was economical and easy to build because of its simple plan. The 2-2 ½  story block-like style is topped by a low pitched hip roof with a central dormer. The front porch extends half or full width of the house with windows arranged in a symmetrical pattern.


  • Simple and symmetrical
  • Block-like proportions
  • Wide porches
  • 2 story


  • Shallow slope hip, 5:12-7:12
  • Porch and dormer roofs echo main roof
  • Wide overhangs, 18”-24”
  • Open or enclosed soffits


  • Full-height narrow horizontal beveled
    siding or 1st floor beveled siding and
    2nd floor stucco finish divided by a
    high trim band
  • Brick commonly used at porch base


  • Simple trim and moulding profiles
  • Deep trim band below eave
  • Broad columns


  • Half or full width
  • Half-height walls or simply detailed rail-
  • Elevated with lattice screen or stone

Windows and Doors

  • Single or grouped double-hung
  • Window in small central corner
  • Partial-lite entry door with sidelite
%Gold Hill Mesa %Colorado Springs Real Estate
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