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A sense of harmony.

Gold Hill Mesa is creating a healthy, sustainable community for today and generations to come by offering an alternative to life in the conventional suburban sprawl. When walking down the tree-lined streets of an historic, traditional neighborhood there is a sense of harmony. A community that is aesthetically, socially and economically balanced just works. Gold Hill Mesa captures this equilibrium and adapts it to serve the needs of our modern residents.

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There is a growing understanding across the nation that “sprawling” development patterns are not in the best interests of our citizens, our country and our environment. The typical suburb infrastructure creates auto dependency and social isolation. Suburban residents spend much money and time sitting in a car, driving to work, stores and entertainment. These developments are often built upon, and expand into, precious open land and wilderness.

“…sprawling development patterns are not in the best interests of our citizens.”


Gold Hill Mesa is part of a nation-wide movement called “Smart Growth” and is zoned as a Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) which has set new standards for urban revitalization and strives to create a sustainable, inspired place for residents and businesses to call home.

%Gold Hill Mesa %Colorado Springs Real Estate


  • Walkable neighborhood built on a grid system
  • Residences with narrow front setbacks, front porches, and alley facing garages
  • Network of streets and paths suitable for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles
  • Narrower streets with crosswalks, streetscaping, and other traffic-calming measures
  • In-scale architecture that fits the local and historic context
  • Network of ‘green streets’ and walkways that connect to a central community center
  • Parks and commercial establishments located within close proximity to the homes
  • A mix of architectural styles, floorplans, and price points
%Gold Hill Mesa %Colorado Springs Real Estate
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