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Dedicated to upcycling land in
the center of the city.

Gold Hill Mesa is a neighborhood with purpose, conscientiously designed to make a positive impact — quite literally from the ground up. This sensible approach to land planning is becoming more relevant everyday as society looks for ways to live more efficiently. Many people are becoming environmentally conscious, and realize that their personal choices do ultimately impact the future.


To accommodate the growth of a city like Colorado Springs, there are two choices in planning: to sprawl into precious rural lands, or the more responsible alternative – to repurpose land that is no longer contributing to the fabric of the community. The developers of Gold Hill Mesa set out to rehabilitate the industrial site where the Golden Cycle Mill once operated. Redeveloping a dormant infill site in the city’s interior has wide reaching, positive impacts on the economic vitality, stability and environmental health of a city.

%Gold Hill Mesa %Colorado Springs Real Estate
%Gold Hill Mesa %Colorado Springs Real Estate
%Gold Hill Mesa %Colorado Springs Real Estate


Gold Hill Mesa’s ecological stewardship includes planting more than 2,000 trees that will line every street and dedicating at least 50 acres of green space with drip-line irrigation for water conservation. Most of Gold Hill Mesa’s builders are pursuing Energy Star, renewable energy options, and choosing WaterSense labeled products to reduce water consumption.

Gold Hill Mesa teamed up with Colorado Department of Transportation and the City of Colorado Springs on a multi-million dollar project to restore Fountain Creek, a once contaminated and eroding stream that borders Gold Hill Mesa’s commercial district and Highway 24. Lauded by the EPA as a prototype for streamside restoration, the habitat and eco system has been successfully restored through these efforts, and the stream is armored against a 100 year floodplain utilizing recycled concrete for riprap.

Gold Hill Mesa is revolutionizing development in Colorado Springs by transforming unused land into an award-winning neighborhood.

Reaching to the past for inspiration and the future for sustainability, Gold Hill Mesa is making a bold and brilliant mark on our city that will contribute positively to future generations.

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