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There are several different Homeowners’ Associations at Gold Hill Mesa, each providing benefits to the specific type of home, be it a single-family or multi-family home.  The Gold Hill Mesa Community Association presides over all types of homes in the neighborhood and oversees the Design Review Request procedure that helps to maintain the beautiful neighborhood appearance throughout.  One of the major reasons for a Homeowner’s Association is to maintain, if not increase, the value of the homes in the Association by ensuring homeowners have a set of guidelines that homeowners agree to live by for maintaining their homes and lots.

The Gold Hill Mesa Community Association is the “master” association for all residents.  The monthly assessments, currently $33/month/residence, include access to the Fitness Center, use of the Community Room, Art Enhancement, maintenance of the Mailroom, management, and insurance.

The associations that manage the single-family or multi-family homes, current rates, and their responsibilities are listed below.

  1. Single Family HOA – Gold Hill Mesa Neighborhood Association is managed by MSI.  Current assessments of $110/month/residence includes grounds maintenance and improvements, trash/recycle, landscape water, management, and insurance.
  2. Townhome HOA – Gold Hill Mesa Heirloom Townhomes in the JM Weston Townhome Development is managed by Bennett Shellenberger.  Current assessment of $125/month/residence includes exterior maintenance, landscape maintenance, management, and insurance.
  3. Condo Association – Townes at Gold Hill Mesa Association is managed by Z&R Property Management.  Current assessments are determined by proportionate interest and vary between $159.33 a month and $196.71 based on unit square footage and include all exterior maintenance, management, landscaping, insurance, water, and management.

Online System

We use an online system for HOA dues, involvement, etc. Please login below.

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