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Many people who relocated to Colorado in the late 1800’s came to build their future on a farm. The rustic farmhouse borrowed elements from traditional Eastern Seaboard architecture and Midwestern farmhouses. Initially limited to local materials, exteriors combined lap siding, board and baton, corrugated metal, and stone. A simple rectangular form characterized by an L-shaped gable and a front porch with a shed roof supported by wood columns.


  • Asymmetrical with vertical emphasis
  • Commonly two intersecting rectangular forms, L or T-shaped
  • Wide front facing gables
  • 1 1/2 – 2 stories


  • Medium to steep slope
  • Gable and shed articulations
  • Shallow to medium overhangs
  • Open soffits without ornament
  • Metal roofing material is common


  • Rusticated surfaces
  • Combination of lap siding, board & ba-
    ton and rusticated stone
  • Low sloped porch roofing materials
    (e.g. Metal)


  • Wide flat trim boards
  • Accent shutters are common
  • Simple porch columns and rails
  • Accent window or vent in gable ends


  • Typically full width or wrap around
  • Shed roof forms
  • Projecting from or interlocking with
    main massing

Windows and Doors

  • Single and grouped double-hung
  • Divided lites in both window sashes
    (2 over 2 or 4 over 4)
  • Partial-lite doors, rustic appearance


%Gold Hill Mesa %Colorado Springs Real Estate
%Gold Hill Mesa %Colorado Springs Real Estate
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