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Emerging in the mid-1940’s, Contemporary style overlaps with Modern style and simply means ‘of the present time’. Common characteristics include clean lines, large unadorned windows, shallow roof slopes, asymmetrical massing, and open floor plans that emphasize indoor/outdoor spaces. Contemporary elevations typically include stucco, stone, concrete, metal and wood.


  • Asymmetrical
  • Simple interlocking planar forms
  • Strong connection to outdoor living spaces
  • Cantilevered forms and balconies
  • 1 1/2—2 stories


  • Low slope, max 4:12 (Gable, Hip or Shed)
  • Multiple levels
  • Variable overhangs
  • Shed and flat roof articulations
  • Enclosed soffits without ornament


  • Predominately smooth surfaces
  • Combination of stone/brick, siding, and
    cementitious panels
  • Low sloped roofing materials (eg. Metal)


  • Simple (Unornamented)
  • Narrow flat trim boards
  • Slender columns and railing balusters
  • Metal railings


  • Maintain welcoming presence of home
  • Cantilevered roofs
  • Integrated into massing

Windows and Doors

  • Grouped fixed and casement windows
  •  Large glass openings
  •  Minimal muntin bars
  •  Corner and clerestory windows
  •  Off-axis door locations
  •  Half and full lite doors


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