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Emerging during the first decade of the twentieth century, the Prairie style was considered to be the first wave of architectural modernism and the truly American architectural style. The material is commonly wood and stucco or stone and brick. Exteriors are unornamented, aside from intricate lighting and art glass window patterns. Asymmetrical elevations with shallow pitched hipped roofs and grouped casement windows, the covered porches are often used to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces.


  • Asymmetrical
  • Linear/horizontal forms
  • Connection to outdoor living spaces
  • 2 stories with 1 story wings or porches
  • Well defined base


  • Low-slope (4:12 typical) hipped
  • Long, planer forms
  • Deep overhangs are common


  • Predominately smooth surfaces
  • Combination of wood & stucco or
    stone & brick
  • Concrete or wood base


  • Unornamented
  • Linear, flat trim boards


  • Located to either side of central massing
  • Cantilevered roofs
  • Integrated into massing
  • Wide porch supports

Windows and Doors

  • Grouped fixed and casement windows
  • Unique muntin (grill) patterns or art
    glass windows
  • Corner and clerestory windows
  • Off-axis/inconspicuous entry door lo-
%Gold Hill Mesa %Colorado Springs Real Estate
%Gold Hill Mesa %Colorado Springs Real Estate
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